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University of Health Sciences, Turkey

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Tutar conducts his research at the Hamidiye Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences, Division of Biochemistry, University of Health Sciences, Turkey. He is also a faculty member in the Molecular Oncology Program. He obtained his MSc and Ph.D. degrees at Oregon State University and Texas Tech University, respectively. He pursued his postdoctoral studies at Rutgers University Medical School and the National Institutes of Health (NIH/NIDDK), USA. His research focuses on biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, molecular biology and molecular medicine, specializing in the fields of drug design, protein structure-function, protein folding, prions, microRNA, pseudogenes, molecular cancer, epigenetics, metabolites, proteomics, genomics, protein expression, and characterization by spectroscopic and calorimetric methods.

Yusuf Tutar

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Cancer mortality and morbidity are primarily brought on by metastasis. The ability of neoplastic cells to spread and colonize distant tissues is their most dangerous trait. Most malignancies are curable when they are detected early and have not spread outside of the original tissue. However, cancer is frequently incurable when tumor cells have created colonies elsewhere. Thus, the book content This book provides comprehensive information on cancer metastasis, along with references to specific cancer cases. The topics discussed include invasion by perturbation of cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion, matrix degradation, motility, intravasation, extravasation, metastatic colonization, metastasis and angiogenesis. Molecular mechanisms, the metastatic process, and palliative bone metastasis therapy are also considered.

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