Edward Narayan

University of Queensland Australia

Dr. Edward Narayan graduated with Ph.D. degree in Biology from the University of the South Pacific and pioneered non-invasive reproductive and stress endocrinology tools for amphibians - the novel development and validation of non-invasive enzyme immunoassays for the evaluation of reproductive hormonal cycle and stress hormone responses to environmental stressors. Dr. Narayan leads the Stress Lab (Comparative Physiology and Endocrinology) at the University of Queensland. A dynamic career research platform which is based on the thematic areas of comparative vertebrate physiology, stress endocrinology, reproductive endocrinology, animal health and welfare, and conservation biology. Edward has supervised 40 research students and published over 60 peer reviewed research.

Edward Narayan

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In this book, the editor has reviewed the scientific articles from a diverse group of scientists from around the world who actively participate in comparative endocrinology. Some of the important categories represented here are human health, aquaculture, wildlife conservation, and production animals. Eminent scientists write from their experience, providing an overview of the current information on comparative endocrinology of animals. The chapters also provide valuable information for animal production and human health management. The book will be useful to biologists, biomedical researchers, veterinary students, wildlife managers, researchers, and wildlife conservationists.

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