Theophile Theophanides

National Technical University of Athens Greece

Professor Theophile Theophanides was born in Platamon, Kavala, Greece and is known for his ground-breaking research in the field of Metal Coordination Chemistry and Infrared Spectroscopy. In particular, his research focus has been in the areas of life metal ions, bioinorganic chemistry and in his pioneering work in anti-tumor drugs, such as cis-Platinum, commonly employed in chemotherapy. He has authored over 300 peer-reviewed scientific publications in international journals, penned numerous articles and book chapters and served on the board of many Scientific Associations and Committees. He has been invited speaker in many Universities, Institutions and Media. Prof. Theophanides has been honored many times for his research. He is an Honorary Professor of the University of Montreal and the National Technical University of Athens, Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Reims and Silver Medalist of the National French Academy of Medicine for his outstanding work on magnesium research. Additionally, he has received medals from Universities, Media and other Associations for his research and communications on Environmental and Public Health issues.

Theophile Theophanides

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This informative and state-of-the-art book on Infrared Spectroscopy is addressed to Researchers in Medicine as well as to Pharmaceutical Industry and Agriculture. It features 7 specialized chapters of MIRS and NIRS covering applications in proteins and biopolymers; food quality research and food safety applications; and medical applications, such as Down syndrome disorders of tooth, probing of brain oxygen, the role of CO2 in blood pressure and diagnosis of metastatic cancer. This book highlights the span of modern Infrared applications.

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