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Jönköping University

Prof. Amjad Almusaed has a Ph.D. in Architecture (Environmental Design) from Ion Mincu University, Bucharest, Romania. He completed postdoctoral research on sustainable and bioclimatic houses at the School of Architecture, Aarhus, Denmark in 2004. His academic focus is on the role of sustainability in building design and city planning. He has done extensive study, research, and technical surveying in these fields. He is an active member of numerous international architectural organizations and has edited several foreign books. His bibliography includes around 185 worldwide academic publications (articles, studies, books, and book chapters) written in various languages.

Amjad Almusaed

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Rapid urbanization has led to many problems in cities, including climate change, deteriorating infrastructure, disorganized labor forces, and diminishing resources. This book presents a well-grounded vision for the kind of future city we need to live in by encapsulating the most salient and practical implementations of the many responsibilities and functions that characterize the modern metropolis. Furthermore, this book uses the idea of sustainability to show and analyze many theories and approaches to handling the topic of modern sustainable smart cities, as well as the effects they have on human life and the natural environment through sustainable development objectives and aims supported by the United Nations.

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