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R. Mauricio Barría, DrPH, is a principal investigator and associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Austral de Chile. He was trained as an epidemiologist and received his MSc in Clinical Epidemiology from Universidad de la Frontera, Chile, and his DrPH from Universidad de Chile. His research interests include maternal-child health, neonatal care, and environmental health. He is skilled in epidemiological study design with a special interest in cohort studies and clinical trials. From 2010 until 2017 Dr. Barría was director of the Evidence-Based Health Office. He is currently the director of the Institute of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Austral de Chile.

René Mauricio Barría

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Neonatology is one of the areas of greatest development and evolution within pediatrics. Every year there are advances in the management of the different diseases that newborns develop, which makes it necessary to refresh knowledge on traditional and other emerging issues. This book includes six chapters that address critical and relevant issues in neonatal care and seeks to contribute to the clinical work of health teams in neonatal units.

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