IntechOpen Identified as One of the Most Significant Contributors to OA Book Growth in DOAB

August 9, 2021

In a recent report developed by OASPA and Delta Think, a strategic consulting and advisory firm, IntechOpen was identified as one of the most significant contributors to the growth of Open Access books indexed in DOAB.

Using data from OASPA, OAPEN, and DOAB, Delta Think analyzed publishers with the highest title counts indexed in DOAB and their licenses. With this data, they concluded that the ten largest publishers together account for 47.9% of all indexed titles, with IntechOpen published books accounting for 13.2% of all indexed titles, followed by the MDPI (6.8%), de Gruyter, Peter Lang, and Springer Nature (ranging from 4.7% to 4.5%).

Comparing the cumulative number of titles in DOAB through the years (2010 - 2021), Delta Think concludes 2019 as the year of most notable growth. It explains that the “figures were boosted by IntechOpen, KIT Scientific, and Peter Lang International adding significant numbers of titles for that year.“

Concluding the analysis, Delta Think refers to DOAB’s explosive growth over the last few years, comparing its CAGR to that of Open Access journals: “Over the 3 years to 2020, its CAGR was 53%, compared with 14% for OA journal articles.”

From the data, we can clearly see that as the Open Access infrastructure becomes more widely utilized, OA books are gaining traction, and we are proud to play a significant role in driving that growth. 

Earlier this year, we announced that our complete catalog of over 5,300 books was successfully added to DOAB - making IntechOpen the Open Access publisher with the most titles indexed. We are proud to retain our position and contribute to the growth of DOAB’s platform while furthering scientific development through Open Access.