IntechOpen Book Series

Education and Human Development

BOOK SERIES DOI 10.5772/intechopen.100360ISSN 2755-9513

Latest publication March 8th, 2023

A collection of scientific Topics in Education and Human Development - always open for submission with an Annual Volume published each calendar year with a dedicated ISSN and ISBN.

Led by Series Editor Dr. Katherine K.M. Stavropoulos and an international Editorial Board, all submissions are peer-reviewed and published immediately after acceptance.

The Book Series also publishes a program of research-driven Thematic Edited Volumes that focus on specific areas and allow for a more in-depth overview of a particular subject.

Our Education and Human Development Topics cover the latest developments and research trends currently happening in the field.

Your research is published alongside the most up-to-date works, written and researched by experts worldwide.

Choose your Topic and reach your desired audience in record time.

  • Always open for submission
  • Robust peer-review
  • Immediate publication after acceptance
  • Indexed in relevant databases
  • ISSN and ISBN

Topic Editor

An image of Delfín Ortega-Sánchez

Delfín Ortega-Sánchez

University of Burgos

Topic Editor

An image of Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan

Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan

Research Institute for Neuroscience, Education and Didactics, Patrizio Paoletti Foundation, Italy

Thematic Edited Volumes

If your research covers a particular and targeted area, Thematic Edited Volumes allow for a more focused approach to be presented with the same quality of service and support to achieve wide dissemination.