IntechOpen Book Series

Environmental Sciences

BOOK SERIES DOI 10.5772/intechopen.100362ISSN 2754-6713

Latest publication March 8th, 2023

A collection of scientific Topics in Environmental Sciences - always open for submission with an Annual Volume published each calendar year with a dedicated ISSN and ISBN.

Led by Series Editor Dr. J. Kevin Summers and an international Editorial Board, all submissions are peer-reviewed and published immediately after acceptance.

The Book Series also publishes a program of research-driven Thematic Edited Volumes that focus on specific areas and allow for a more in-depth overview of a particular subject.

Our Environmental Sciences Topics cover the latest developments and research trends currently happening in the field.

Your research is published alongside the most up-to-date works, written and researched by experts worldwide.

Choose your Topic and reach your desired audience in record time.

  • Always open for submission
  • Robust peer-review
  • Immediate publication after acceptance
  • Indexed in relevant databases
  • ISSN and ISBN

Topic Editors

An image of Ismail M.M. Rahman

Ismail M.M. Rahman

Fukushima University, Japan

An image of Zinnat Ara Begum

Zinnat Ara Begum

Fukushima University, Japan

Topic Editor

An image of Jose Navarro-Pedreño

Jose Navarro-Pedreño

Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Spain

Topic Editors

An image of Salustiano Mato

Salustiano Mato

University of Vigo, Spain

An image of Josefina Garrido

Josefina Garrido

University of Vigo, Spain

An image of Francisco Ramil

Francisco Ramil

University of Vigo, Spain

Topic Editor

An image of Yizi Shang

Yizi Shang

China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China

Thematic Edited Volumes

If your research covers a particular and targeted area, Thematic Edited Volumes allow for a more focused approach to be presented with the same quality of service and support to achieve wide dissemination.